Sesto Elemento for PokerStars

This is a nice dark theme for PokerStars. Darker themes are known to be better for longer sessions, late night grinding and are in general more pleasing to the eye.

In this theme you can choose between several backgrounds and you can set your felt colour to whatever you like via the custom color option in PokerStars software.

This theme also has new cards and 6 new cardbacks. The table shape is a bit unconventional, as is the dealer button, which gives it a more exclusive look than other table themes.

And last, but not least, it has bigger fonts, so it’s easier to read the action.

Price: €19

  • Bigger stack, bet, pot and action button font sizes
  • 2 font colours available: yellow and white
  • Spin&Go table seat positions changed
  • Includes "Texas Ranger" cardset
  • Bigger dealer button
  • Hero holecards over the player pod (not under like default)
  • Red glow around active player
  • Custom buttons and slider
  • Custom table
  • Custom background
  • Custom cardbacks
  • Custom chips
  • Check, bet, raise and timer warning sounds changed to FT sounds (uncheck: Enable Beta Sounds, under Settings->Gloabal->Sounds)

Updated on 7 August 2017

Installation Instructions
  1. Close PokerStars client.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. If necessary, change the “Destination Folder” to where your PokerStars client is installed.
  4. Run PokerStars client from PokerStars.exe instead of PokerStarsUpdate.exe (to do this, create a shortcut of PokerStars.exe from your installation folder to your desktop [right-click->Send to->Desktop (Create shortcut)], or just right-click on your PokerStars shortcut on your desktop and change the “Target” from “PokerStarsUpdate.exe” to “PokerStars.exe”).
  5. In PokerStars lobby click: Settings->VIP->VIP Status Display->[x]Alternative

  6. If you want to update PokerStars, or PokerStars forces an update, just run PokerStarsUpdate.exe and update and run the table mod installer after that.
How To Buy
  • With PayPal or credit cards through the "Buy Now" button. You can also use Skrill or Neteller cards to pay with PayPal.
  • If you can't use PayPal, email me at pokertablethemes (at) and let me know which theme do you want and what payment methods you can use.
  • You can also pay using Bitcoins. Type into Google "19 EUR to BTC" to get the price in Bitcoins, then you can send it to the following address: 3BPw1uEm3bnY1oV6eAvUB5zSu6XQAzDxMx
    When this is done - email me the amount of Bitcoins you sent, the theme you want and for which site. You can also email me before.

After I have received the payment I will send you the theme in 24 hours.