GTO Theme Bundle

This bundle includes all the available GTO Themes.

The covered sites are:

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What are the benefits of using GTO Theme?


Clean and sharp layout, which also helps to keep you sharp for longer.


No unnecessary visuals, which helps you focus better.

Neutral grey background for good HUD visibility.


Multiple bright coloured card backs, to easily see who's in the hand.

Cards suitable for Holdem and PLO.

Highly visible coloured notes for fast player type identification.

Why should I buy the bundle instead of buying themes separately?

Save money

Buying the bundle is considerably cheaper than buying all the themes separately.

You should buy the bundle if:

  • You are playing on many sites
  • You plan on expanding your play to many sites
  • You want to multi-site more efficiently
  • You want to stay focused for longer
  • You want to win more money

You should buy themes separately if:

Buying the themes separately for all 5 sites would cost €97.90, but buying the bundle will only cost €59, which will save you €38.90 – making the price of one theme only €11.80 instead of €19.58. Buy now, because the price won’t stay this low forever!

Price: €97.90 €59

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Here is the full list of sites, where GTO Theme works, to make your multi-siting more efficient:

  • PokerStars – Works on all the PokerStars clients
  • PartyPoker – PartyPoker, Bwin and all the regional clients
  • Winamax – Winamax.FR, Winamax.ES
  • iPoker – Works on all iPoker sites. Requires iPoker Tools to work.
  • Unibet – Works on the .com and regional clients
If the site you are playing on is not listed, but the network is, then let me know and I will make an installer for your site as well.
If you take poker seriously, don’t play on tables that look like a kids cartoon. Play like a real pro!