The Zone Bundle

This bundle includes all the available The Zone table themes.

The covered sites are:

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What are the benefits of using The Zone?


The cleanest of all layouts

The Zone is the cleanest looking table theme out there.

All the unnecessary visuals that are possible to remove, have been removed, leaving only the important elements you need to make the best possible strategical decisions.


No table image

This gives the impression of more room on the “table”, which can have many benefits:

  • Lets you position your HUD better
  • Add more stats to your HUD
  • Tile/play more tables, because the cleaner look helps you follow the action more easily
  • Less cluttered look will help you stay focused and concentrate longer – be in the zone
  • You can choose the background colour you like best from several available colours

Clean and sharp cards

Big and clear cards, which make misreading your hand almost impossible.

Why should I buy the bundle instead of buying themes separately?

You guessed it!

Buying the bundle is considerably cheaper than buying all the themes separately.

You should buy the bundle if:

  • You are playing on many sites
  • You plan on expanding your play to many sites
  • You want to multi-site more efficiently
  • You want to stay focused for longer
  • You want to win more money

You should buy themes separately if:

Buying the bundle will get you table themes for 7 sites. If you buy the themes for 7 sites separately, it will cost you €140.78. But buying the bundle will only cost €79, which will save you €61.78 – making the price of one theme only €11.28 – which is almost half the normal price!


The bundle price won’t stay this low forever, so take advantage of this great opportunity right now!

Price: €140.78 €79

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Here is the full list of sites, where The Zone works, to make your multi-siting more efficient:

  • PokerStars – Works on all the PokerStars clients
  • 888 – The main site and regional sites on the global player pool
  • PartyPoker – PartyPoker, Bwin and all the regional clients
  • Winamax – Winamax.FR, Winamax.ES
  • iPoker – Works on all iPoker sites. Requires iPoker Tools to work.
  • Chico – BetOnline, SportsBetting, TigerGaming
  • UnibetWorks on the .com and regional clients
If the site you are playing on is not listed, but the network is, then let me know and I will make an installer for your site as well.
Don’t just play poker, play poker in the zone and make more money!