Custom modification order form and free PT4 themes

From this page you can order custom changes to table themes and download free themes for PokerTracker 4.

    Custom changes to a theme

    If you have a custom theme, but you would like some things changed about it (to have a specific background, change the felt colour, seats, card backs etc.), then fill out the form, and let me know which changes you would like to have. Let’s make the theme perfect for you!

    The prices for the custom changes start from €5.

    Free and Premium HUD’s

    You can also get yourself a free or a premium HUD for PokerTracker 4 or Holdem Manager 3 from

    From there you can find HUD’s for cash games, tournaments (MTT’s/SnG’s), Spin&Go’s (including HU) and deeper structure heads-up games.

    PokerTracker 4 Replayer Themes

    You can download these replayer themes for free from the official PokerTracker customizations page.

    GTO V.2

    PokerStars Clone

    The Zone

    How To Install the Replayer Theme
    1. In PokerTracker 4 click on Configure -> Themes
    2. In the new window, choose Replayer from the top
    3. Click on Install New Theme
    4. Choose the downloaded theme file
    5. Select the new theme from the list of themes
    6. Click on Make Active