Why PokerTableThemes.eu was created


The table themes on most poker sites don’t look too good – especially for playing longer sessions. Mostly, the tables and backgrounds are too “busy“, and some still look like they’re straight outta Compton.. or I mean the 90’s.

This is why PokerTableThemes.eu was born – to make table themes which are easy on the eyes and to make it easier to play longer sessions.

If you are also playing on multiple sites, then you should get the same table theme for all the sites you are playing on (if possible). This makes it easier to follow the action, and you can also stay focused for longer, because your brain doesn’t have to constantly adjust between different looking tables/sites.

The goal of PokerTableThemes.eu is to provide table themes which are easy on the eyes, and will also make it easier to play on multiple sites simultaneously!