PokerStars Clone for 888

This theme makes 888 tables look like PokerStars tables. It includes 2 PokerStars themes: Mercury, which is the default theme for PokerStars and Hyper-Simple, which was very popular theme (and still is) before Mercury was created.

There are 3 felt colours and 2 backgrounds (6 combos) for Mercury. You can change them the same way like regular 888 themes.

The deck used for this theme is “Quasar”, which comes with 6 different cardbacks.

If you are used with how PokerStars tables look and want to make your 888 tables look similar, then this theme does exactly that. Get it now and make playing on 888 more comfortable!

If you also want it for other sites, check out the PokerStars Clone Bundle.

Price: €19

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This table theme is for the old 888 software. If you have the new table design and you don't have the option to turn it off from the Settings anymore, then you can't use this table theme on your 888 software.
Here's how to find this option:
1. In the main lobby, click Settings > Game Display.
2. Check the "Go back to previous table design" option (this is the setting you might not have).
3. Restart 888 and the old tables and themes will be back.

  • Mercury table
  • Hyper-Simple table
  • 3 felt colours
  • Stars backgrounds
  • Stars “Quasar” deck
  • Stars cardbacks (6)
  • Stars dealer button (Mercury and Hyper-Simple)
  • Stars chips
  • Stars action buttons (Mercury and Hyper-Simple)
  • Stars player pods (Mercury and Hyper-Simple)
  • Easy installation with auto-installer (instructions included)
  • 1 year of free updates

Theme updated on 5 December 2019


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  3. Choose the payment method you would like to use.
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    • To pay with BTC, or few other cryptos, choose Crypto.
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    • If you chose Crypto, then you will be taken to Coinbase Commerce, where you can make the payment.
  6. After the payment is done you will be redirected to a download page, where you can download your file(s) and you will also receive a purchase receipt on your email with the download link(s).

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