Full Tilt Clone for PokerStars

This theme makes PokerStars and Full Tilt tables look like Full Tilt tables used to look back in the day.

It has all the familiar backgrounds like beach scene, jungle, midnight, outer space, plain, ski lodge and Vegas skyline for the oval table and all the backgrounds for the racetrack table.

Also the cards, card backs, chips and buttons, all make it look like Full Tilt.

If you used to play on Full Tilt and want to bring back some good memories from the good old days, then this theme will be of great help.

Even if you never played there, but just want to change the looks of PokerStars tables, then consider this theme.

Works on both PokerStars and Full Tilt.

Price: €19

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  • Both Full Tilt tables: oval and racetrack
  • All FT backgrounds for both table types
  • Both FT seat types (usable on both tables)
  • FT action buttons
  • FT menu buttons (upper corners)
  • FT deck
  • FT card backs
  • FT chips
  • FT dealer button
  • Some FT sounds for PS (uncheck: Enable Beta Sounds, under Settings->Gloabal->Sounds)
  • Works on both Full Tilt and PokerStars (Full Tilt screenshots at the end)

Updated on 27 January 2018

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

  1. Close PokerStars client.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. If necessary, change the “Destination Folder” to where your PokerStars client is installed.
  4. Run PokerStars client from PokerStars.exe instead of PokerStarsUpdate.exe (to do this, create a shortcut of PokerStars.exe from your installation folder to your desktop [right-click->Send to->Desktop (Create shortcut)], or just right-click on your PokerStars shortcut on your desktop and change the “Target” from “PokerStarsUpdate.exe” to “PokerStars.exe”).

  5. If you want to update PokerStars, just run PokerStarsUpdate.exe and update and run the table mod installer after that.
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