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The End Boss Theme for PokerStars

This is theme is not so much about the looks of the table, although, you can get the GTO V.3 add-on, which also changes the looks. This theme is more about the layout – how the player seats, board cards, bets, chips and other elements are positioned on the table.

The default table layout fills most of the window, without too much free space for a HUD. This means, you have to put your HUD over somethingblocking the view to things under the HUD. But this compact layout for PokerStars increases the free space available by moving the seats and everything related closer to the center of the table, creating more free space around the outer edges of the table, where you can place your HUD.

If you want to have more free space on a table, so you don’t have to quickly move the HUD, if there’s a showdown, to see what your opponent had, and waste your time and energy unnecessarily, then buy this theme now!

The GTO V.3 add-on

You are not forced to use new table graphics. The PokerStars compact layout is based on the Mercury theme, and you can keep using it, only with the improved seat positioning and with a smaller table, that looks more natural than the original table would look.

But if you want to get new graphics for the table, you can get the GTO V.3 add-on for the End Boss Theme for PokerStars.

The GTO V.3 add-on is a clean, minimalistic table theme. It includes a new compact table, clean looking backgrounds, very easily readable cards, which are great for both, Holdem and PLO, nice looking cardbacks and more.

  • If you want to keep using the Mercury theme, then get just the End Boss Theme, with the improved seating positions.
  • If you want to have the great new compact view with a clean, minimalistic table theme, then get it with the GTO V.3 add-on.
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This theme is for professional players with big HUD’s, which is hard to fit on a default table. This compact layout increases the free space available, so there’s more room for a big HUD.
If you are looking for traditional table themes, then check out the other PokerStars Themes.
  • Compact seating and other related element positions
  • Smaller table adjusted to the compact seating

Currently the supported games are Holdem and Omaha:

  • 9-max
  • 8-max
  • 6-max
  • 4-max
  • 3-max (including Spin and Go)
  • 2-max (Heads Up)

GTO V.3 add-on

  • Everything in the main End Boss Theme, including the option to use it with the Mercury theme
  • Clean layout
  • Compact table
  • Clean backgrounds
  • New cards
  • New cardbacks
  • New action buttons
  • New upper menu buttons


  • Easy installation with auto-installer (instructions included)
  • 1 year of free updates
  • Doesn’t work with Aurora graphics engine

Theme updated on 17 October 2019

How To Buy
  1. Click “Buy Now“.
  2. Go to checkout page.
  3. Choose the payment method you would like to use.
    • To pay with your PayPal account, choose PayPal.
    • To pay with a credit card, also choose PayPal.
    • To pay with BTC, or few other cryptos, choose Crypto.
  4. Now enter your email and name, if you have a discount code, then enter that too.
  5. Click on “Purchase“.
    • If you chose PayPal as a payment method, you will be taken to PayPal, where you can make the payment.
    • To pay with a credit card, click on the “Create An Account” button on Paypal page, then fill in your card details and click “Agree & Pay”.
    • If you chose Crypto, then you will be taken to Coinbase Commerce, where you can make the payment.
  6. After the payment is done you will be redirected to a download page, where you can download your file(s) and you will also receive a purchase receipt on your email with the download link(s).

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